Hillside | Home Staging Project

Designed to sell, this property went fast. And for top dollar!

Staging homes helps potential buyers to see how furniture can work in the space of each room. Staging also helps to create space and comfort that can allow buyers to imagine themselves in the home. We know what types of colors, textures and layouts that will really show the best sides of your property. 


This home in Hillside had a unique floor plan that took some creativity to arrange the furniture in a functional, yet appealing way. The large windows in the home were lovely and we wanted them to show off the integrity of the home. Placing furniture and objects that create a focal point in front of the windows helps draw the focus to them. This also helps make the rooms feel bigger and brighter.


Rounded furniture and soft textures, like the stools and blankets in the living room, provide a cozy homelike feeling that can help buyers connect to the home.


Minimal decorations and neutral colors help potential homeowners visualize their own furniture and personality in the space.


This staging project was a fun challenge. The realtor we did this for knew the property needed to be staged because otherwise potential buyers would walk in and have no idea how furniture would work in each room and not even consider buying it. With the staging, it showed well and sold fast!


Before and After Pics

empty bedroom
nice bedroom with furniture
empty living room with fireplace
large living room with fireplace and furniture
empty main living room and entry door
living room with furniture and decorations
empty primary bedroom
primary bedroom with fireplace and large bed

Hillside Staging Project Gallery

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