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This client had just finished building a new home and wanted us to come in and design and furnish the main floor.

This client had just finished a new home and wanted us to come in and design and furnish the main floor. After she showed us her home, we discussed the budget, time frame, how each room needed to function for each member of the household and design styles and colors she liked. After that we coordinated with her via email and text and figured out all the furniture and decor. She wanted us to choose all the decor and things that would make the space look great with minimal input from her so that’s what we did. When those were decided we ordered everything and had it shipped to her home. We then scheduled a few days to bring in our team to build, set up and style everything so it was all ready to go, just how she wanted it. We used some of her art and things and styled them with all the new furniture and decor. She absolutely loved how everything turned out, how we were able to do it all in 3 weeks from the consultation to the set up and how easy it was for her. We loved how it turned out too!

Before and After Pics

121 orem
clean modern powder room with yellow towels and artwork
before interior design of dining room with old table and chairs
modern farmhouse dining table with white vase and orange-leafed branches with blue rug and modern kitchen in background
floral paintings on wall by gray chairs
redesigned sitting area with blue chairs and wood and metal bookshelf with clean modern decorations
before interior design of living room showing random armchairs and sparse room
living room interior design with modern natural decorations including leather sectional sofa, blue ottoman, wooden coffee table and tv stand, rug and fireplace
before interior design of a television nook in Murray UT
Interior design in Murray includes leather sectional sofa, wooden industrial farmhouse tables and artwork

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