Vacation Rental Home Furnishing in the Salt Lake Area

Dressed to Impress!

Do you get great reviews?

When it comes to vacation rentals, you need to impress your clientele with beautiful, comfortable places to relax and recharge. When you go to your space, you need to see yourself as a guest that would be staying there.

  • Is your vacation home rental comfortable to be in?
  • Are the colors and other design features cohesive and create a sense of calm, or are they irritating to behold?
  • Does your furniture and décor just take up too much space? Or does it not fill the space appropriately?

Great Rental Reviews + Happier Guests = Better Rental Rates

You Need Aloe & Elm’s Experience Transforming Spaces

Our Rental Furnishing Service Is Sure To Attract Better Reviews And Command Higher Rates.

Your nightly rental will stand out from all the rest!

More Than 60 Projects Later, Our Experience Is Next-Level

When families go on vacation they search for a rental that will provide for all of their needs. We supply those needs as we decorate and create a home that any renter will enjoy.

We take the pressure off you.

Aloe and Elm will make you stand out because of the attention to detail that our designers have. Not only will renters be astounded by the beautiful interiors of the home through the pictures provided on the reservation site, but, they will also be in good comfort as they experience the amenities provided!

We also furnish long-term rentals or even your own home. It’s all part of our full-service interior designer suite of services. Including staging a home to sell.

We make it easy to get great results.

detail of bathtub in elegant bathroom with teal towels

We start with a consultation.

We work all over the Wasatch Front, so call us and we will meet you at your home to do the initial review.

beautiful wooden table with modern industrial chairs and semi-rustic place settings

It Starts With A Plan

The next phase is all about planning and determining things like which rooms need attention, what overarching theme is in the house and making sure we stick to your budget.

two bunk beds in one room decorated gray and blue

Then we put it in action!

Now come the fun transformation as we make your rental home a really desirable place to stay!

We Are Masters At Interior Design

It doesn’t really matter whether we are designing your own personal space or furnishing a rental like this page talks about, or even if we stage a home for sale. All of it takes a good eye for design and experience in placing everything just-so so that all who come in feel welcome and pleased with the space.

detail of wood and metal bookshelf with decorations
detail of modern farmhouse dining table with white vase and orange-leafed branches

Our eyes, trained on great design, will showcase  the absolute best about your place.

Plus, using Aloe & Elm to furnish your vacation rental will save you time and get your rental on the market sooner!

Call Aloe & Elm Today.

Don’t delay. Our schedule can fill up fast and sometimes we need to fit a tight schedule.

We want you to have the best possible experience, so let’s get you booked now.

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Here Are A Few Reasons To Hire Aloe & Elm

Get A More Beautiful Rental Property

Enhance your vacation rental experience with our expert furnishing services. We understand the importance of creating a beautiful and inviting space for your guests. Using Aloe & Elm will get you a place that all will feel welcome and comfortable in. This will encourage longer stays and better reviews.

Get a rental property that functions better.

With our professional interior design expertise, we can transform your rental property into a more functional as well as aesthetically pleasing environment. By carefully considering the layout and placement of furniture, we ensure that every room is optimized for comfort and convenience. Our attention to detail extends to choosing the right materials and furnishings to ensure long-lasting durability.

Impress your guests!

Not only will our designs impress your guests, but they will also positively impact mood and encourage longer stays and better reviews.

Save Yourself…

Save yourself time, money, and effort by entrusting your vacation rental furnishing needs to us. Let us take the stress out of bringing your vision to life and create a space that stands out among the competition. Contact us today to get started and elevate your vacation rental experience.

Client Testimonials

Just just take our word for it. Here are a few clients that love our work, too!

McCall Carter
McCall Carter
I have used Aloe & Elm for multiple listings and I am always blown away with their attention to detail. Staging is so incredible helpful for homes with strange floor plans and Kelcey always does such a great job at showing a spaces functionality. They always go above and beyond🫶🏼
Diane Homan
Diane Homan
Aloe and Elm was so easy to work with! Rachel and Colleen were highly responsive and able to work within our budget. Our living room looks great. Cannot recommend this business highly enough!!
Tonia Gray
Tonia Gray
Rachel and her team were wonderful! We used their services to remodel our upstairs—coordinated new flooring, chose paint colors, determined design style, and gave furniture and decor recommendations (all within a very short timeframe!) They were very professional, knowledgeable, patient, understanding, and reasonably priced. Their knowledge made this an experience we truly enjoyed. While they typically stage homes, they also helped us use what we already had and items important to us to create “our” beautiful home. We love it and are grateful for their help!
The best company ever!! Rachel was awesome, not only coordinated a beautiful stage which the house sold quickly but coordinated two moves from two homes to one house seamlessly! Arranged for cleaning, handyman, staging and made the home look beautiful!! Highly recommended and would not use anyone else!!! The best by far!!!
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor
Rachel runs a great operation. Well staffed and all employees know the business. Real happy with the final staging of our property. Thanks to them our property sold for 4 times what we invested in the staging of our home.
Teresa Sorensen
Teresa Sorensen
I was very happy with Aloe and Elm. They helped me so much with decluttering amazing my house look beautiful. They took care of the things I was throwing away as well as taking tons of stuff to Deseret Industries. Rachel was very accommodating with my schedule. I loved them!
William Munn
William Munn
This home staging service put our house on point for multiple offers with folks who simply couldn’t get enough of it. We’d also love to use them as designers for our own home! Highly recommend!
Tom Darais
Tom Darais
In July 2021 we tried Rachel Biesinger for staging on a home in Orem Utah. I think she was quite busy at the time but found an opening in her schedule and followed through even with a short lead time. She met all of her commitments and delivered her services as described. The home was staged so well. I received several positive compliments about the home at an open house I held and think the staging helped to elicit many of those comments. Little fine touches like putting a few items in the walk in closet made a difference along with the more major pieces that fit well with the home layout. Rachel has an excellent sense of interior décor. Prices were reasonable. As you may sense from the above, I don't feel Rachel could be rated too highly, she is definitely a cut above many others. Tom Darais, Realtypath
Jen Call
Jen Call
These ladies are incredible! I’ve been using their services for 2 years now and they have been life savers. They are talented, great with my clients and reasonably priced. I recommend them to all my co-workers!

More Than Furnishing. More Than Decorating.

Interior design is more than simply getting furniture and decor and putting it all in a space. It’s about getting proper function and aesthetic to combine for a space that is thoughtful and pleasing, both. Aloe & Elm does more than vacation rental furnishing, we a re a full-suite interior design company. We focus in three areas, here are the other two:

Home Staging

Staged Living room with grey sofa, cream colored throw, grey arm chairs and television on stand

Get the absolute best appeal possible by staging a home for sale. The potential buyers will see themselves there, love it and usually offer more as a result.

Read More >

Interior Design

Interior design in Murray includes leather sectional sofa, wooden industrial farmhouse tables and artwork
This is for your own space so that you can get the benefits of great design and enjoy where you live or work.

Read More >

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Interested in Seeing More?

We have projects from Park City to Provo and everywhere in between. Most are right here in the Salt Lake area and range from staging to full-blown interior redesigns. Here are a few projects we think you might like to see to get an idea of what we can do for you, too.

Frequently Asked Questions about Interior Design

You might have a few questions for us. That’s fantastic! The more you know and are prepared, the better the process flows from start to finish. In fact, that is a common question that we’ll illustrate right here. Below that, there are four commonly asked questions.

What things can you provide for my vacation rental furnishing?

For n empty rental, we can provide all furniture, decor, and everything that a renter will need and that will get you the best reviews from dishes to laundry baskets to flashlights to grocery staples. We will look at your rental and advise you on what is important for you to have there and get you an estimate and we can go from there.

If your rental is already furnished, we are happy to advise you and give you an estimate on what will take it to the next level by updating the furniture and decor to adding more amenities and you can decide from there.

How far do you travel?

Currently, we work in Utah County, Salt Lake County & Summit County and are happy to travel further for a travel fee.

Can you take care of everything if I live out of state?

Absolutely. We are experienced in working with out-of-state owners who just want things put in order so they can get their vacation rental earning them money and not having to be on site.

I want to use my vacation rental furnishing sometimes too, can you make a place for my personal things?

Yes, we are happy to figure out an area where your personal items can stay in the rental but be locked away while guests are there.

If you have another question not answered here, you will probably find our FAQs Page more helpful. Of course, if you are still wondering about something, fill out our form or give us a call and we will gladly answer any question you might have!