Art Inspired Office (Interior Design)

The owners requested that the room design be inspired by a painting.

This was such a fun design project! The owners requested the room design be inspired by the fantasy novel “Warbreaker” by Brandon Sanderson ( and the gorgeous painting by Dan Dos Santos that was used for the novel’s cover art. (used with permission from Dan Dos Santos

Color is a key element of the novel so we wanted to incorporate the bold colors used in the painting. We decided to paint the ceiling and leave the walls light cream to give the color we wanted but not overwhelm the room since it was a smaller space. The setting of the novel is an exotic, tropical “palace of the gods” so we added luxurious textures like the velvet curtains and mongolian fur pillows and also added global and tribal items from around the world like the antique Iranian rug, embroidered pillows from India and baskets from Africa to give an exotic feel that wouldn’t point to one specific culture since this story takes place in a fictional place. We loved the patterns on the jewelry in the painting so we worked with a local artist, Lexi Lyon ( to come up with some designs that she gold leafed above the window and door to add the perfect luxurious touch. The owners loved how this room turned out and we did too.

Before and After Pics

before interior design of an office shows no colors and desk
Interior Design of office inspired by artwork Blue chairs, black and wood credenza, red and blue rug, blue drapes large banana plant
before designing this office it was filled with drab furniture and unorganized
Storage space in credenza of newly designed office also artwork on wall and blue chair

Office Art Gallery

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