Interior Design From Salt Lake to Provo

Interior design that will take your breath AWAY!

Interior design is way more than just decorating your space. It helps you function better in the space you have and eases your mood in the place you love. If you’ve ever had these concerns about your home, office or other place you are at the most, then you really need to consider interior design.

  • Is your space hard to navigate?
  • Do the colors just not jive with your vibe?
  • Does your furniture and décor just take up too much space?

You want to express who you are in your own space.

You Need The Interior Design Expertise Of Aloe & Elm

We create beautiful and functional interior spaces that you will enjoy!

Imagine being in your own well-designed space. You’ll feel better and function better, too!

In fact, we’ve designed over four score places for people!

From intriguing office spaces to comfortable lounging areas, our interior design implementations, right here in the Salt Lake Valley, have given our clients the restful areas they need, or the energizing space they want, or even simply created a space that can help them sell their property faster.

We make it easy on you. You will have a beautiful space in no time.

In Fact, It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3.

elegant interior design for guest bedroom

First, you gotta call us!

Before we can do anything at all, we need to get to know you, your space and ideas. So call us and set up a time to meet, in your home, face to face.

detail of door handles and stenciling of art-inspired office design

Next, we consult.

The consultation phase simply means that we go through the options and stylistic choices that can be made for your space. Want Asian-inspired? Baroque-themed? Based around a popular image? We’ll make it happen.

Interior design in Murray includes leather sectional sofa, wooden industrial farmhouse tables and artwork

Finally, we implement the design!

Rest easy as we place the furniture, work with contractors (if needed) and decorate the space. All you have to do is come home and enjoy the new space you have!

We Are Masters At Our (Interior Design) Craft

We’ve been doing this for a long while. Everything from decluttering spaces to staging homes for sale to designing spaces that are quirky and unique to the homeowner who wanted that space just-so. That experience brings a lot of expertise, too, so you can rely on use to make your dreams a reality!

detail of wood and metal bookshelf with decorations
detail of modern farmhouse dining table with white vase and orange-leafed branches

Our eyes, trained on great design, will make your place “Pop!”

Plus, using us can actually save you a lot of time, energy and even money spent on all the wrong things at all the wrong times. Don’t you deserve a break from all that?

Call Aloe & Elm Today.

Don’t delay. Our schedule can fill up fast and sometimes we need to fit a tight schedule. We want you to have the best possible experience, so we need to get you booked now.

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Better yet, use this handy form to start your consultation right here, right now.

    What design service are you looking for today?

    How soon do you plan on using these services?

    How many bedrooms are in the house?

    Is the house vacant or occupied right now/when it needs to be staged?

    Which rooms are in need of staging?

    Here Are A Few Reasons To Hire Aloe & Elm

    Interior design, and Aloe & Elm in particular, will beautify your space!

    We will make your space more functional

    Design isn’t simply decorating. It means we look at the space, including the negative space, of the room. We make sure that things are placed where they need to be (like this vacation rental). That’s a major benefit of hiring a professional interior designer like us.

    We help to save you time, money and effort

    Costly mistakes, like choosing an ill-fitting sofa or even simple ones like painting the room a poor color choice can cost more than money, they cost time. Aloe & Elm Interiors helps save you from those distressing consequences by getting the vision implemented right, right away!

    We can help your space stay looking great for a long time

    From choosing the right materials to making sure the layout of the room keeps fragile furniture from being damaged. That’s what good design does.

    Your newly-designed space will positively impact your mood.

    Ultimately, we take the pressure off of you!

    If you aren’t absolutely certain how to bring your vision to life, that’s where we take that stress away. We make sure there aren’t any mistakes or troubles that will affect you long-term… at least in the design aesthetic of your space.

    Client Testimonials

    Just just take our word for it. Here are a few clients that love our work, too!

    McCall Carter
    McCall Carter
    I have used Aloe & Elm for multiple listings and I am always blown away with their attention to detail. Staging is so incredible helpful for homes with strange floor plans and Kelcey always does such a great job at showing a spaces functionality. They always go above and beyond🫶🏼
    Diane Homan
    Diane Homan
    Aloe and Elm was so easy to work with! Rachel and Colleen were highly responsive and able to work within our budget. Our living room looks great. Cannot recommend this business highly enough!!
    Tonia Gray
    Tonia Gray
    Rachel and her team were wonderful! We used their services to remodel our upstairs—coordinated new flooring, chose paint colors, determined design style, and gave furniture and decor recommendations (all within a very short timeframe!) They were very professional, knowledgeable, patient, understanding, and reasonably priced. Their knowledge made this an experience we truly enjoyed. While they typically stage homes, they also helped us use what we already had and items important to us to create “our” beautiful home. We love it and are grateful for their help!
    The best company ever!! Rachel was awesome, not only coordinated a beautiful stage which the house sold quickly but coordinated two moves from two homes to one house seamlessly! Arranged for cleaning, handyman, staging and made the home look beautiful!! Highly recommended and would not use anyone else!!! The best by far!!!
    Ian Taylor
    Ian Taylor
    Rachel runs a great operation. Well staffed and all employees know the business. Real happy with the final staging of our property. Thanks to them our property sold for 4 times what we invested in the staging of our home.
    Teresa Sorensen
    Teresa Sorensen
    I was very happy with Aloe and Elm. They helped me so much with decluttering amazing my house look beautiful. They took care of the things I was throwing away as well as taking tons of stuff to Deseret Industries. Rachel was very accommodating with my schedule. I loved them!
    William Munn
    William Munn
    This home staging service put our house on point for multiple offers with folks who simply couldn’t get enough of it. We’d also love to use them as designers for our own home! Highly recommend!
    Tom Darais
    Tom Darais
    In July 2021 we tried Rachel Biesinger for staging on a home in Orem Utah. I think she was quite busy at the time but found an opening in her schedule and followed through even with a short lead time. She met all of her commitments and delivered her services as described. The home was staged so well. I received several positive compliments about the home at an open house I held and think the staging helped to elicit many of those comments. Little fine touches like putting a few items in the walk in closet made a difference along with the more major pieces that fit well with the home layout. Rachel has an excellent sense of interior décor. Prices were reasonable. As you may sense from the above, I don't feel Rachel could be rated too highly, she is definitely a cut above many others. Tom Darais, Realtypath
    Jen Call
    Jen Call
    These ladies are incredible! I’ve been using their services for 2 years now and they have been life savers. They are talented, great with my clients and reasonably priced. I recommend them to all my co-workers!

    Interior Design Doesn’t Stop At Your Space

    Although we would love to make your home the best it can be for you, sometimes you need a designer that knows how to handle staging a house for sale, or someone who is an expert at furnishing a home or condo made to be a vacation rental. Aloe & Elm does all this. So sit back and relax, we’ll take care of you.

    Home Staging

    modern chairs in nook in home in orem ut

    If you are selling your house, you want the best appeal possible. Home staging helps a potential buyer see themselves, not you, in the home.

    Read More >

    Vacation Rental Furnishing

    vacation rental furnishing midway ut
    Ever stopped at an AirBNB or other vacation home and loved it? Or hated it? We make sure your renters will love it!

    Read More >

    Get Started With Aloe & Elm Interiors

    Fill out the handy form below and we’ll call you back. Or, you can skip that and call us directly. We’ll answer questions and set up a time to consult with you.

      What design service are you looking for today?

      How soon do you plan on using these services?

      How many bedrooms are in the house?

      Is the house vacant or occupied right now/when it needs to be staged?

      Which rooms are in need of staging?

      Interested in Seeing More?

      Here are a few projects we’ve done that help illustrate the value of the different interior design aspects we do. Most are in the Salt Lake/Park City area, and a few are in the Provo/Orem area. Any way you look at it, we are becoming a top-choice for Utah interior design projects!

      Frequently Asked Questions about Interior Design

      You might have a few questions for us. That’s fantastic! The more you know and are prepared, the better the process flows from start to finish. In fact, that is a common question that we’ll illustrate right here. Below that, there are four commonly asked questions.

      Tell Us About Your Project

      You can start by giving us a call, sending us a text, or filling out some contact information on our website. There is no obligation or fee for this initial contact. Once we determine that we are a good match we’ll set up an appointment for a consultation.

      We have a form online that you can fill out to give us more information about your vision, preferences, and needs for your project. This will be very useful as we prepare for a consultation.

      In-Person or Online Consultation

      The next step is for you to meet with one of our designers, either in person or online. As you walk us through the space that you’d like us to design, we will offer insights and answer your questions. We will also help you to determine what design styles and elements fit what you like and need. We can also talk about how we can match design elements to fit your budget. We do charge a consultation fee of $100/ hr for this service.


      Design Plan

      After we’ve consulted with you on your design project, we will give you a good estimate of what your project will cost. When you decide to go forward with us we will create a design plan.

      Our designer(s) create a design plan for you with options that are based on your preferences, needs, and budget. We’ll include a design board that features colors, materials (furniture and decor), and other elements to give you a visualization of what we can do. This is a conceptualization to give you an idea of how your space would look and feel.


      Once we’ve established the design that you like, our designer will find specific furniture, decor, and other elements, such as flooring and lighting fixtures, if applicable. Our designers are there to collaborate with you. You can be as involved in this process as you’d like to be. You can approve the specific materials individually or leave some of the selection to them. Either way, any options that move the project cost above your budget would require your approval.

      Set Up Your New Interior Design

      Finally, our team will install and arrange all the elements of your space, under the direction of the interior designer. The interior designer will style the space and provide finishing touches to make it look gorgeous and to your satisfaction.

      Enjoy Your Space!

      It’s all done! Depending on what you want the “reveal” will happen, then you get to inhabit your space again. This whole entire interior design process can take as little as a couple of days to much longer, if you are in the construction phase of your home or something similar. We hope you enjoyed the whole process from start to finish and we will ask that you leave a review (and our marketing team says to add pictures!). Thanks!

      I have a smaller budget. Can we work together?

      Yes! Unlike other interior design companies, we can transform a room starting from $1000/room. We don’t need to use all-new high-end furnishings and trappings. Instead, because we are good at using the things you already have, we can work with your budget to simply add a few things (or take them away) to stretch your budget to the limits!

      I might want different paint, new light fixtures etc. Can you help me with that too?

      Yes! We will work that into your interior design plan. We can also give you contact info on great licensed contractors we’ve used and worked with. They can get many of those things done for you (like a new wall, or a tear down). We will come and put it all together when they are finished.

      Our per-room fee may increase a little if we need to extend the consultation to cover everything but we’ll try to fit it in the 1.5 hours if possible. For any additional work needed, we have you negotiate with the contractor to stay within your budget and so you will know all the details.

      I want to surprise my wife/husband/son/friend/etc. Can you do surprises?

      Absolutely we can. In fact, we would love to help you pull off this awesome surprise. We can do the consult with you while they are at work or whatever and do all the collaboration and design off-site. If construction needs to be done, that is the only kink to the plan. However, when it comes time to implementing the design, we can do it in as short a time as possible while the person is away.

      My room is a really difficult space to work with, is that ok?

      Of course it is! We’re up for the challenge of arranging furniture and decor in any room in a way that works for you! As a professional staging company we deal with tricky rooms often!

      If you have another question not answered here, you will probably find our FAQs Page more helpful. Of course, if you are still wondering about something, fill out our form or give us a call and we will gladly answer any question you might have!

      Final Thoughts

      Interior Design

      Everyone’s styles and needs are different for interior design so we put in the research and creativity to make your space uniquely perfect for you and anyone else who uses that space. We offer a variety of packages and are happy to shop for a variety of styles and budgets from Ethan Allen to Target to custom to 2nd hand so you can be confident you will get the most for your money and your room will not look like anyone else’s.

      Even if you are in a hurry and on a budget we offer 1 room in as little as 1 day.

      With traditional interior design companies, one room can take months and thousands of dollars which doesn’t work for a lot of people so we have developed a fast, affordable method that allows us to do it in as little as one day. Just ask us how.