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Staged to Impress.

Staged to Sell!

Are you are a real estate professional, a private homeowner or a rental agency? Then your property needs staging.

When people arrive at a home, apartment or any other property they are interested in investing in, it needs to shine. A drab empty space doesn’t inspire a purchase, but a place that is welcoming, interesting and inspiring helps remove the barriers you might be having in moving that property.

Even if you don’t usually have trouble selling a house, staging it to be a home can encourage a buyer to spend more in a shorter amount of time. That’s good for everyone.

Do you have the time, the eye for good design and the patience to stage your house properly?

You Need Aloe & Elm

Sell Your House For More, Faster and Easier.

When Staged By Us.

About this claim

“We create spaces that look amazing, function beautifully, and make people happy to be there.”

Aloe & Elm started off decluttering and organizing spaces. We’ve simply expanded that to interior design, with a focus on staging homes for sale. And whether you are using us to give your own home a makeover or serving a client by getting their house sold, we are here to assist you in that effort. We do this in three primary ways: home staging services, vacation rental furnishing services and interior design services.

Aloe & Elm have the experience and expertise you need. We’ve furnished and designed and staged scores of properties.

The most amazing part? We’ve only been staging homes since 2019. That’s an average of roughly a home to stage every month since then! We also offer interior design services and provide vacation rental furnishing.


Real Estate Agents Citing Easier Sale Of Home


Sales Price Compared to Unstaged Homes


Up to 50% Less Time On Market (Compared to non-staged homes)

Getting home staging is as easy as
1… 2… 3…


House Staging Consultation

During this stage of the process, we explore your space. Be it an office, a house or an apartment, we will analyze the layout and decide, with you, which rooms need staging. We will consult about pricing and other potential services needed at this time.


Home Staging Setup

We have a lot of furniture. A lot.
At this stage we will determine which style and pieces we need to use and do a complete staging. The staging itself takes about 1 day. Then it’s on to the final step.


Market Your Staged Home

Now that this house looks like a comfortable home, it’s time to get it on the market! Since the home should sell faster, we may only need to leave our furniture there for a brief time, but if your home takes longer to sell for some reason, we can keep the furnishings there as long as you need them.

Home Staging: Before & After

Remember, using our service, you will be able to sell the house faster, for more, and have more satisfied clientele. That means both the buyer and seller!

empty living room with raised fireplace
home staging of living room with gray sofa and chairs, decor, tables, plants and rug

We have been staging houses in the Salt Lake and Provo area for a long time. Our work speaks for itself.

But in case it’s not clear:

We are experts at home staging.

Let’s stage your house to sell.
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Is Home Staging Worth It?

Generally, the benefits of staging a home for sale far outweigh the costs and make staging your property worthy of consideration. Here are a few ways that staging can help sell the property, whether you are a realtor, agent or private seller.

  • Home staging helps your property stand out. Online. If you’ve ever looked at the MLS or even an app that shows homes, you quickly realize that there are a lot of options for home buyers, even in a tight market. By staging a home well, your property will stand out from the rest and look fantastic to a browsing potential buyer.
  • Inspire something to aspire to. When a shopper comes to your property, it is important that they fall in love with it. They’ll move faster and be more sure of any sale, and potentially spend more. We help you create that emotional connection by staging your home. With intelligent color choices, layouts and furnishings, we help the buyer develop positive feelings about your space and imagine living in it themselves.
  • Creative floorplans take creative staging. Sometimes it’s tough to consider how a room might be used when there is no furnishings livening up the place. Also, rooms actually appear somewhat smaller witout appropriate furniture. So we help your buyers think creaticvely about the space they’ll be getting, even if the home has an odd layout or shape to it.
  • Increase the selling price. We always want more for our property, but increasing the price also means considering staging if your home has been in the market for a while. By creatively marketing the space with proper staging, it is amazing to see how often a home will move without lowering the price.
  • Move your home faster. There are various surveys of agents and agencies that all declare roughly the same thing: staged homes spend from a third (33%) less to half (50%) the time on the market compared to non-staged housing.



What our clients are saying.

McCall Carter
McCall Carter
I have used Aloe & Elm for multiple listings and I am always blown away with their attention to detail. Staging is so incredible helpful for homes with strange floor plans and Kelcey always does such a great job at showing a spaces functionality. They always go above and beyond🫶🏼
Diane Homan
Diane Homan
Aloe and Elm was so easy to work with! Rachel and Colleen were highly responsive and able to work within our budget. Our living room looks great. Cannot recommend this business highly enough!!
Tonia Gray
Tonia Gray
Rachel and her team were wonderful! We used their services to remodel our upstairs—coordinated new flooring, chose paint colors, determined design style, and gave furniture and decor recommendations (all within a very short timeframe!) They were very professional, knowledgeable, patient, understanding, and reasonably priced. Their knowledge made this an experience we truly enjoyed. While they typically stage homes, they also helped us use what we already had and items important to us to create “our” beautiful home. We love it and are grateful for their help!
The best company ever!! Rachel was awesome, not only coordinated a beautiful stage which the house sold quickly but coordinated two moves from two homes to one house seamlessly! Arranged for cleaning, handyman, staging and made the home look beautiful!! Highly recommended and would not use anyone else!!! The best by far!!!
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor
Rachel runs a great operation. Well staffed and all employees know the business. Real happy with the final staging of our property. Thanks to them our property sold for 4 times what we invested in the staging of our home.
Teresa Sorensen
Teresa Sorensen
I was very happy with Aloe and Elm. They helped me so much with decluttering amazing my house look beautiful. They took care of the things I was throwing away as well as taking tons of stuff to Deseret Industries. Rachel was very accommodating with my schedule. I loved them!
William Munn
William Munn
This home staging service put our house on point for multiple offers with folks who simply couldn’t get enough of it. We’d also love to use them as designers for our own home! Highly recommend!
Tom Darais
Tom Darais
In July 2021 we tried Rachel Biesinger for staging on a home in Orem Utah. I think she was quite busy at the time but found an opening in her schedule and followed through even with a short lead time. She met all of her commitments and delivered her services as described. The home was staged so well. I received several positive compliments about the home at an open house I held and think the staging helped to elicit many of those comments. Little fine touches like putting a few items in the walk in closet made a difference along with the more major pieces that fit well with the home layout. Rachel has an excellent sense of interior décor. Prices were reasonable. As you may sense from the above, I don't feel Rachel could be rated too highly, she is definitely a cut above many others. Tom Darais, Realtypath
Jen Call
Jen Call
These ladies are incredible! I’ve been using their services for 2 years now and they have been life savers. They are talented, great with my clients and reasonably priced. I recommend them to all my co-workers!

More Northern Utah Home Staging Projects.

Interior design encompasses much more than staging a home for sale. We also provide furnishing services for vacation rentals and customized interior design services for homeowners in general. When you use Aloe & Elm, you are getting a full-service team to make sure that your home will look it’s absolute best for whatever purpose you need it for.

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Our friendly and qualified team is committed to offering unique and beautiful design that fits you. Check out these posts below to see some of what we could do for you. You can also follow us online at Instagram for all of our latest projects. That way you can see what style fits your home, budget and goals the best.


Throughout this website we make some pretty audacious claims! Here, we will link to the place or places from where these claims derive. If you have any questions, contact us. We’ll chat and let you know our first-hand stats as well!

Claim 1: Staged homes sell faster and for more money than non-staged homes. (National Association of Realtors)

Claim 2: More than 80% of real estate agents representing buyers said staging made it easier for their buyers to see themselves in the home, according to a 2021 survey by the NAR.

Claim 3: And 23% of agents said that home staging led to increased offers between 1% and 5% compared to similar homes that weren’t staged.